Ranorex Version 3.0.2 is now available online and includes the following major release notes:

General changes/Features<ul type="square">[*] Improved performance when working with large projects (with many recordings/repositories) in Ranorex Studio[*] Removed limitation of a maximum of 4 screenshots per test module in a Ranorex test report[*] Improved usability when moving recordings/repositories between projects in Ranorex Studio[*] Improved handling of linked repositories in Ranorex Studio[*] Variables with ambiguous names in the test case data binding view can now be distinguished by their path[*] Added ElementEngine.WaitForValidLicense method that allows to wait for a (floating) license to become available[*] List of actions in Ranorex Recorder now automatically scrolls on drag &amp; drop[*] Added "graceful kill" timeout to "Close Application" action[*] Reduced memory consumption of Ranorex Tools[*] Images in reports can now also be viewed in their original size[*] Added "Expand All" context menu item to items in Ranorex Spy[*] Added ProgressForm.Hide method which allows hiding the progress window shown on test execution[/list]

Read release notes here:

You can find a direct download link for the latest Ranorex versions on the Ranorex Studio start page.