Ranorex 2.3.3 is now available and includes the following release notes:


* Fixed upwards compatibility of Ranorex recordings with external repositories
* Fixed possible NullReferenceException in Ranorex Studio integrated Recorder
* Fixed compatibility with LabVIEW plugin
* Fixed EnsureVisible for a special class of dialog windows
* Fixed selected attribute in option tag for Mozilla Firefox

Ranorex 2.3.2 release notes:

General changes/Features

* Improved performance and memory footprint for repositories with large screenshots
* Improved recording of drag & drop operations
* Adobe AIR automation libraries have been updated to AIR 2.0 release
* XML logger now supports custom titles and stylesheet URLs
* Image validation now always adds images to the report if validation fails
* Added possibility to disable generating report messages for validation
* Generated repositoriy code now contains a public constructor
* Improved EnsureVisible for web elements
* Ranorex Studio solutions now create a *.sln file for use in Visual Studio
* Improved start time for Ranorex applications
* Added support for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 and higher


* Fixed OutOfMemoryExceptions caused by repositories with large screenshots
* Fixed memory leak when automating WinForms applications
* Fixed possible exception when automating WinForms applications using the 32/64 bit bridge
* Fixed drag & drop of items in a recording
* Fixed NullReferenceException in Studio related to Sidebar configuration
* Fixed getting/setting valueless attributes ("checked", "readonly", "disabled", "selected") for web input elements
* Fixed coordinates/visibility calculation for option web elements
* Empty attributes are now correctly handled for web elements in Mozilla Firefox
* Fixed possible exception when executing PerformClick on a web element that opens a new window
* Images in XML report are no longer overwritten if AppendExisting is set
* Fixed calculation of Visible attribute for list items in WPF combo boxes
* Fixed support for hidden columns in Flex datagrid

Download and get the latest version of Ranorex here
(You can find a direct download link for the latest Ranorex version on the Ranorex Studio start page.)