Ranorex 2.2.1 available! (December 04, 2009)

Download latest version: http://www.ranorex.com/download

General changes/Features

<ul type="square">[*] Added basic support for "xul" tags within Mozilla HTML DOM[*] Added possibility to merge keyboard actions in recorder[*] Replay reliability for QT applications improved[*] Replay reliability of mouse/keyboard actions in turbo mode improved[*] Screenshot capturing and performance of image based recording/replaying improved[*] Python templates in Ranorex Studio now set status exit codes[/list]
Bug Fixes
<ul type="square">[*] Fixed recorder crash caused by an "Undo" operation on an unsaved recording[*] NUnit now correctly works with Ranorex trial version[*] Fixed handling of spaces and tabs in Studio code generation[*] Fixed getting the available range from Win32 progress bars[*] Fixed possible hang when automating WinForms controls[*] Fixed backwards compatibility of recordings/repositories in Ranorex Studio[*] Fixed possible exception caused by code tool tips in Ranorex Studio[*] Fixed bug in Ranorex Studio code generation where user code may be overwritten[*] Fixed behavior of keyboard actions involving modifier keys and caps lock[/list]
Ranorex Team