Ranorex 2.2 available! (November 11, 2009)

Download latest version: http://www.ranorex.com/download

Major features

<ul type="square">[*] Firefox 3.x DOM support has been added (via Ranorex addin)[*] Image-based recording support has been added[*] Image validation support has been added[*] A new 'Edit' mode in Spy has been added for improved searching and filtering[*] IronPython debugging support has been added[*] Recording of mouse movements via hotkey is now supported[*] The recorder and repository editor now support undo/redo[*] Copy &amp; Paste support for repository items and folders has been added[/list]
General changes/Minor features

<ul type="square">[*] Repositories can now contain nested rooted folders, and application folders can be grouped into normal folders[*] Generated repository code now includes "Info" objects for every item which provide user-modifiable metadata[*] The RanorexPath auto-completion feature in the repository has been improved[*] Automatic repository item naming has been improved[*] The default timeouts for application folders, rooted folders and repository items have been increased[*] Startup performance of Ranorex applications has been improved[*] The Flash/Flex plugin now supports the Flash ActiveX control in Windows Forms applications[*] The XML Report Logger now supports appending to existing files, custom XSL files and HTML markup logging[*] The recorder now provides better detection of existing repository items, resulting in less duplicates[*] The mouse wheel can now be used to select element ancestors during validation/image based recording[*] Notifications have been added which warn the user if a specific technology limitation is encountered[*] Recording hotkeys have been changed to use a master-key scheme (ScrollLock key)[*] The Form adapter now provides methods for moving and resizing forms[*] A special hotkey has been added for tooltip validation during recording[*] Element tracking/highlighting in Spy and Repository has been improved[*] Screenshots can now be directly saved from the Spy[*] Spy performance has been improved[*] Adapters and Elements now provide a TryFindSingle method [*] The Validate class now supports NotExists [*] Performance for Internet Explorer DOM automation has been improved [*] License files can now also be deployed in the test executable path [*] About box now displays a list of loaded plugins[/list]

<ul type="square">[*] General memory usage has been improved [*] Fixed a number of small but annoying repository editor GUI bugs [*] Fixed a possible hang in Ranorex Studio when changing values in the property grid [*] Fixed possible geometry problems when using Ranorex Flash/Flex Loader [*] Fixed SetPropertyValue for certain Flex element properties [*] The '*' expression is no longer used in generated RanoreXPaths [*] The stability of the debugger in Ranorex Studio has been improved [*] Fixed a bug which caused the recorder to hang indefinitely in certain situations [*] Fixed a bug where automation of WinForms controls in different remote appdomains did not work [*] Fixed a possible crash when running Flex tests and the containing browser is closed [*] WPF performance has been improved in Recorder/Spy for long lists and large tables [*] Key sequences now include a small initial delay which solves potential focusing problems[/list]
Ranorex Team