Ranorex 2.1.2 available!


<ul type="square">[*]Code samples are now available for C#, VB.Net and Python on the Ranorex Studio start page[*]RxPath completion now also works in the repository editor[*]The repository editor now allows adding blank items to repository folders[*]WPF top-level windows now provide the NativeWindow capability[*]Improved memory usage when working with a large number of MSAA elements[*]Improved object tracking for WPF and Silverlight applications[/list]
Bug Fixes
<ul type="square">[*]Fixed a problem with boolean expressions in python code generation[*]Fixed the behavior of EnsureVisible in Flash/Flex scrollable containers[*]Fixed a bug in Ranorex Studio where creating a file inside a project caused an error[*]Fixed a problem with the automation of auto-suggest boxes in Windows Explorer[*]Fixed a bug which caused a wrong item duration to be displayed in Ranorex Recorder[*]Fixed a bug in the repository editor which in rare cases caused items to be added twice[*]Copy/Paste keyboard shortcuts now work properly in Ranorex LogViewer[*]Various small cosmetic fixes in the RxPath editor [/list]
free trial available at: http://www.ranorex.com

Ranorex Team