I use webload 8.1 and record a script to login a web site.
When play back the log view show passed.But in fact it's not login because the snapshot in webload not show the welcome information .
I check the http header when post login,server give response and no cookie be set.It is very strange in webload.
At the end I add the cookie by script
wlCookie.Set("msddtar","V539B54ECA4396406C3B9053A3 39692B5B54843C6C366633633F6F62934ECA2F7D63DF5B9F4A 8D346A39705B8E5DA155865B902C595BA15FA53C7D34786895 6094285D44765082628F62A4377B5A914E842A5753864D815E A04F865C8E4173366831725C8C67994C82609043BF419448B0 5ABF58C44FBB379C61DA44C0588947793E6F4074336665953A 6A568E376A538829A582084189A0DF1D5E7B9105D1E42B89C3 ",".xxxxx.com","/'")
I still can't find it in the http header. [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
Some one can help me?Thanks