I am using the webLoad Open Source 8.1, and I hit into a problem that I receive a lot of 401 error code in Spread View when I run in WebLoad Console, but this message does not showed in Log Windows.
I have check in the IDE script, it does include the following script:

<font color="blue">
wlHttp.NTPassWord = "XXXXX"
wlHttp.NTUserName = "XXXXX"

FYI, the SUT (System under test) is using the Windows Authentication.Although I am getting this error, the request (in this case, I am access the portal then create new entry) is still success.

When I modify the script again, to perform only one page (in this case, direct access to create new entry), the error 401 does appear in log windows, and spread view, (but the amount of counter n spread view is much more higher thn the one in the log windows, for eg. spread view showing 1000 401 error, and log windows showing only 10). And, the create new entry request is still success (meaning to say, new entry is able to create).

Do any expert out there know what is the problem? or the causes of the info in log windows is different from spread view? Thanks.