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    Help me in correlation in WEbload

    How can we correlate in webload. Please give me one example also of the syntax also.

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    Re: Help me in correlation in WebLOAD

    You can correlate test results in WebLOAD by updating the Default Chart (there is a blue plus "+" symbol above this chart) and select additional statistics to visualize in the graphic.
    If you are also looking to correlate any back end server reactions to your load test, before you launch a test, you have to use the "Performance Measurements Manager" (PMM) module and define the conection to the machine you intent to collect monitoring statistics from.

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    Re: Help me in correlation in WebLOAD

    Can u tell me from where i can find the tools(like UAAT and smart copy and paste) of webloads. can i download these tools free. which tools are useful. please help me out.

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    Re: Help me in correlation in WebLOAD

    AAT & UAAT can be found at this folder location: "C:\Program Files\RadView\TestView\bin\". A shortcut for the UAAT will look like this: "C:\Program Files\RadView\TestView\bin\AuthTool_wl50.exe" ProxyAAT.
    Be aware that in the OS version of WebLOAD some additional modules are not available; like the "PMM", "Cruise Control", "WebLOAD Reporter", etc.o
    Still there is a great potential in the new "WebLOAD IDE" recording engine. It offers all the features previously available in AAT, UAAT and even the VAAT (Visual Agenda Authoring Tool).



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