Hi, We are working on WebLOAD 5.0 on a ColdFusion application. We are facing following problems. Can anyone suggest about the compatibility of WebLOAD with ColdFusion.

1) Some of the objects in the ColdFusion application are not getting recognized thru WebLOAD. When we record the scenarios, the objects are not getting captured. After recording when we run the scenarios, WebLOAD gives the following error "undefined attributes". This error comes from the function "WlFuncTest.js" file (Note: this is an in build file of WebLOAD).

2) Some objects are getting recognized but in playback it is throwing error.

3) We got following errors in BrowserPlayback for various scenarios:
1] Element ATTACHMENTS is undefined in ATTRIBUTES (for file attachment)
2] Element ACTIONTYPE is undefined in ATTRIBUTES. (and also .CSS Error)
3] Element QUOTESTARTTIME is undefined in ATTRIBUTES. (also hidden fields problem)
4] This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them
5] Element CHOSEN_COUNTRIES is undefined in ATTRIBUTES

In all the above, the error is occurring in following function of "WlFuncTest.js" file at statement wlHttp.InsertTransactions();.

function InsertTransactions()
wlHttp.ExpectedDOMID = undefined;

We tried using various versions of IE and also downloaded trail version of WebLOAD 7.3 and tried with various browsers. But the same problems are occurring. When we tried with SilkPerformer, these problems did not occur. We also tried changing the values for attributes of the failing fields in the scripts and tried with various options. We also tried by hard-coding with values in case where some specific fields were not recorded. We also tried recording with Universal Agenda Authoring Tool (UAAT) in case where scripts were not recorded for fields through Agenda Authoring Tool (AAT). But it all the above trails, the scripts failed running in BrowserPlayback.

Waiting for your replies.