I am presently working on Webload 7.0. When I record a script in WebFT and try to playback the agenda, I get the below error.

Message : Open Connection failed.

The error message before the above message is

Severity: Error
Time: 11.98
Message: Connection to server www.yahoo.com:80 failed. Reason -:connection refused. Requested URL: http://www.yahoo.com. in main_agenda at line 10

I am new to WebFT and have a bad feeling that I have messed up the Options. Please let me know why I get this error.

One of the previous threads had mentioned the same error.But then the discussion didn't have a proper solution. Also the problem was with Webload 5.0 and with AAT.


Note: I am not doing any load testing on Yahoo. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Just tried accessing the www.yahoo.com through WebFT.