I am doing the stress test with Webload5.0 now. One of the functions of the web application is uploading the report. The developer divides the upload report task into two works (one work in one page) in order to make the page more compact and easy-use. The report will not be uploaded to the database really unless you click the "upload" in the final page. But the problem is that I can not capture the right taskID with Webload.
When the user enter the first page of report uploading, system will allocate a random ID like "1236424Efsdite34" made up of the numbers and letters. If the user browses the second page, system will get the ID and go on.
When I repeat my script in which the TaskID like "1236424Efsdite34", Webload will not replace the ID dynamicly. Who can help me?
Thanks in advance.