I've been using Webload to send XML requests to my test server and for one of my tests I need to send a large body of text.
I'm using the Webload ReadFile() function (which was only documented on their Support page as far as I can tell), storing the text data from the file in a string and sending that string along in my XML document.
It appears that there's a limitation in the variable string size somewhere in the neighborhood of 32K. Everything works fine when I use smaller strings/input files.

Has anyone run into a problem like this before? Any suggestions for workarounds?
Is this a Javascript or Webload limitation?

I've been able to submit larger bodies of text as files in html forms using
wlHttp.FormData["Filedata.wlFile-Name"] = myFileName but this is XML that I'm sending and I don't have any form fields to submit.
I'm currently sending my XML data via usind the wlHttp.Data command e.g.
wlHttp.Data["Value"] = xmlData;

Any help is appreciated - thanks in advance.