I'm running the Webload client on NT/Win2K machines that have 256 MB RAM and 600/733 Mhz processors.
My test scripts involve a bit of html parsing to extract data written out in client side script but all of the test threads sleep about a minute between each web transaction.
I've only been able to generate loads of 100 - 150 threads per machine - the load appears to be CPU bound. With the current scheduled sleep time I'm using that comes out to about 1 - 3 active threads per second, which seems terrible.

Has anyone else had better luck generating more concurrent Webload threads with similar hardware?

Any tips on what I can do to increase the throughput on my load generators?

I've talked to people who use Performer and Load Runner and they claim that you can easiliy run 300 - 400 virtual users off of a 733 Mhz machine.

Thanks in advance,


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