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    Why webload doesn\'t stop when the load size is reached??

    I know that some VC might not finish their transaction for whatever reason, but is there an option to stop the load after the goal has been reached? WebLoad just doesn't stop...

    I use
    if (ThreadNum>100)

    it doesn't work!!!! Because after the load reached 100 VC doesn't get an performance boost. Even though that each successive VC are aborted.

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    Re: Why webload doesn\'t stop when the load size is reached??

    You can use Cruise Control Wizard, where you set your load size as a goal, then you can use an option in this wizard where you can set it to stop after it reaches that goal.

    You should keep in mind that the ThreadNum variable starts at 0 not 1, so if you have a load size of 20 VCs the biggest ThreadNum can be 19 not 20.

    Also ErrorMessage() would only abort and restart the round for a particular thread but not stop the test. If you want to stop the test you can use SevereErrorMessage() which would kill all threads and stop the test.


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    Re: Why webload doesn\'t stop when the load size is reached??


    Well, I am using cruise control wizard. My load size is set at 100 there, the other wizard too let you set the load size. If you were to do a load testing on a query system(search engine) or similar stuff, Webload will not end its test, if you just put LoadSize 100 as a goal.

    Since yesterday, I fixed # of round
    as my second goal. Now webload stops.

    If you know how, can you tell me how to control the sample # and increment speed(not the size but speed). I have tried to use the
    'Goal reached delay' and 'Acceleration samples' with no success.



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