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    multi-load generator question

    is multi-generator supported in webload 4.0?

    I don't see how I can add load generator

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    Re: multi-load generator question

    Yes, you can have as many load generators as you need. You need to put TestTalk on each one (you don't need the entire WebLoad installed).

    In the Server Difination, just Add new servers, they appear in the left plane, select the server and press the right arrow icon to move the server into the load generator group.

    You can then set the VC amount for each load server you have.

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    Re: multi-load generator question

    Actually i figure out how to put multi-generator but I can't configure the initial load size and load acceleration.

    Also I encountered login problems using the same script in both of my load generator. It worked fine with 2 login accounts for my 500 users simulation but it doesn't work with 2 load generator with 200 vc each with these same accounts. I get login failure.



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