Hi Everyone,

I am trying to determine if WebLoad can solve a problem for me that I am hitting a brick wall with using SilkPerformer. If any of you have a few moments to try this, and let me know if you can solve it with WebLoad, I'd appreciate it.

I am using SilkPerformer against our web application, and need to pull down Cookies to be able to successfully login. During playback, I'm able to pull down the Session ID cookie but I'm not able to pull down the cookies being created by our Login page. While recording I get the ones created by our application, but they can't be used in subsequent playbacks because they expire within a few minutes..
If anyone has time, could you look http://www.brainshark.com/brainshark/public/login.asp? During recording of HTTP traffic I recieve information like this when going to the page:

"ActiveCookie=SESSIONID=366&USERID=2&SESSIONKEY=sj vj72652ptp5d7u4hyhus1i422wpfyuhjkevez6l"
"8relig48ejsshfy2jscgr8531yeaszwalf54l1lyp59fckcc8 2dqpxf0vom; expires=Thu, 28 Jan 2010 13"
":58:27 GMT", "http://www.brainshark.com/");


But during playback, if I call WebCookieGet (to extract all Cookies coming back) directly before, or directly after, navigating to the login page I cannot obtain the Cookie above.

Does anyone have any ideas?