Attached is a set of webload framework files used to develop
webload tests. [I believe!] the libraries provided with this
framework are quite useful; they provide stdio and message logging
functions, browser page and DOM verification functions, and
"stop on round count #x" support. Much can be added to this framework,
but I think it is a good starting point for new WebLoad users and

The ZIP file contains a user manual, libReference.pdf. Read it carefully
before attempting to use the template. Ensure that you don't attempt to use
the demo.js script, and its associated demo.tpl Webload Template, which
runs against the Radview website, with more than 5 virtual users [if you want
to exceed 5 virtual users change demo.js to pummel your website!].

This framework was last verified on 1/31/00 using WebLoad 3.5. Note that
every few months Radview changes their web pages and therefore demo.js
may need to be debugged in order to again run without error. Hopefully
though any errors which might be generated will be accompanied with
error log messages which make debugging reasonably easy.

Credits Requirements

Hopefully new users will find this template useful. To download the template click on the following URL:

<LI> Terry Horwath
The Carl Group
thorwath@pacbell.net [/list]

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