Not sure if better posted in Performance & Load Testing forum, but assume this is the better one to post to.

I was wondering if anyone has successfully compiled the open source edition of WebLoad. If so, perhaps they can share tips on how to compile it. The default build notes are a bit lacking in areas. Sharing the compiled binary is even better, but I assume the RadView EULA prohibits sharing of the compiled binaries even though it supposedly is open source? But at least, sharing of tips should be ok.

It seemed like you would separately compile the third party tools (or download binaries) and put in the folders, but the main build.bat file somehow tries to compile ACELib, which I wasn't sure if was compiled already or not in the referenced download.

And other downloads like PCRE and OpenSSL, the referenced links are to sources, and I'm not sure how to compile them (on Windows anyways). Or if precompiled binaries for PCRE and OpenSSL will do, which can be found by searching online.

And on another note, anyone figured out how to compile using any other compiler other than required/recommended Visual C++ 6? Or compiling on Linux, etc. instead of Windows. Could use some tips on that too.