Hi all
I start to use web load open source version
I have some (a lot of ) question:
I want to make virtualization of 7000-8000 user
Each user connecting to the web login changing the database(not a big change)
What is the recommendation about the number of user session I can open in each machine and Which hardware machine is enough to pick for this number
What band width of internet I need in each machine ?
I am recording my web action and try to run step by step and in some transaction I get the message unsupported protocol url what is the problem ?
Is there any explanation about all kind of error and warning in the log windows?
I try to use the globalinputfile I want to make a virtual of letís say 500 user each user run the script I recorded ,but with others parameters I added this global file with list of 500 users and password and then give the parameters a value:
wlHttp.FormData["txtUName"]=<the title of the row of the login name in the file>
wlHttp.FormData["txtPass"]=< the title of the row of the password in the file>
then I open the console and choose 500 users and load the script but it didnít do what I want
maybe I miss something or maybe its not the way if you can help me with this question
Best Regards,