How can we read an excel file using javascript instead of using global input file?

I tried using the following code:

function readFromExcel(x,y)

var excel = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application");
var excel_file = excel.Workbooks.Open("D:\\myfile.xls");
var excel_sheet = excel_file.Worksheets("Sheet1");
var datas = excel_sheet.Cells(x,y).Value;
var data1 = excel_sheet.Cells(2,2).Value;

InfoMessage("Value from excel : "+data1)
return data;
I called this function in script and while running it is not giving any error. But I am not able to retrieve the cell value.

I am getting output like:
Value from excel : [object ComMethod]
where as expected output is:
Value from excel : radha // the value contained in the excel file

Please help me code this.
Thank u