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    Transactions Skipped

    Hi Friends,
    I had a problem with the Transactions.
    i.e. When I had made some 4 transactions and applying load for these transactions, I can able to find out that 2 transactions are not been utilized for the complete Vusers.

    I just want to know why it is skipping the transactions and is there any scripts available to run all the transactions when the load is applied.

    Can any one help me to get out of this problem.

    Thanks for your valuable answers


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    Re: Transactions Skipped

    Hi Viswanath,

    I dont see any reason why 2 transactions are not running when you are applying load. The only reason could be that, you are not applying load on those particular transactions or that when the transactions are called, they are not even able to get the first page! If you suspect the second case, try accessing the application under the 2 transactions that are not running under load.

    I will suggest you check the load assigned to the transactions. If that does not help, try running the transactions with the help of a single script where you can call the transactions based on the client/thread number and the round number.

    Post if you still have a problem!


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    Re: Transactions Skipped

    Hi Vijay,
    Thanks for the reply, and since Iam new to this Webload, can you give me some sample script which can stop skipping these transactions.
    Thanks once again.


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    Re: Transactions Skipped

    Hi there,

    I am also getting a similar problem as this. The proxy configuration has been set up and the scripts record and run fine. I also use a variable for the email address and output it to text file at the end of the script, so that i can i can tell if a transaction has gone through.

    The email address comes through but there is no history of a transaction going through. Does anyone have any suggestions? i have been trying to get it to work all week, but just can't get it to work?

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    Re: Transactions Skipped

    Have you done parameterization?

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    Re: Transactions Skipped

    Hi Thiru,
    I have done all the parameterization and if you can say exactly which has to be parameterize, then it will be good for me.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Transactions Skipped

    Can you send the script to us? Without that it is very difficult.




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