Hi Everyone,
I am newbie to performance arena. As per our requirement I need to conduct some feasibility about performance tools such as silk performer 2008 and WebLOAD 8.3. Ideally our application is Web based with AJAX. I have bit work experience in Loadrunner 8.0. Now I have to conduct feasibility with the help of above specified tools and go-ahead with suitable tool for further automation. Now I have few questions related to that.

1. What are all the inputs I need to taken care while feasibility?
2. What are all the logs mainly I have focus?
3. Is there any settings needed to be done apart from user guide suggestions for AJAX?

Later stage once tool got finalized, I need to setup performance testing framework. I newbie to setup performance testing framework, Since I had development experience of functional testing automation framework for various tools such as QTP, Rational Robot and Rational functional tester I felt if have any idea about performance testing I would manage accordingly. I request all of you to throw some suggestions regarding this.