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    Questionnaire on Component Based Software Quality.

    Respected Sir /Madam,
    I am through the dissertation work of MTech(IT).My work revolves around various qualitative aspects and perspectives of Component Based Software Engineering.
    Here I request You to go through the Questionnaire (as attachments)and fill it up accordingly.The questionnaire is in the form of 2 attachments.
    It will really be beneficial for me to complete my work.
    Tuli Ghosh
    MTech(IT),Final Year
    Guru Nanak Dev University,Amritsar,India
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: Questionnaire on Component Based Software Quality.

    PLz Send me some feedback for the Questionnaire...I am in a real need..

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    Re: Questionnaire on Component Based Software Quality.


    Being that this is a volunteer forum those who can and are willing to provide you feedback will do so, others may not be able to help or just not have time. If you are not getting more responses you may want to place this in the more General Forums that get more traffic.
    - M

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    Re: Questionnaire on Component Based Software Quality.

    i have gone through the questionnaire on componeny based Software quality & the definitions in annex revised are informative




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