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    Way of working for CMMI deployment

    Dear All,
    we are a product based company, we are planing to implement CMMI frame work into our company, we have the following approach, I request all the viewers to comment on this approach and make corrections or any improvements.

    we divide our software development team into 21 groups each group called BEST team to represent each process area of the CMMI and consists of 4-5 people, each BEST team will have a Champion, who will guide the respective BEST team members in the deployment of the, this bEST team will look after the process, preocedures, templates and deployment for their respective Process Area, we also have a Quality leader who will be charing a meeting called SPIRIT in which all the BEST team champions will be present including the sofwtare manager, the SPIRIT team will discuss on the process chnage requests and also the progress of the Process Area,

    now veiwers please let me know if this approach is acceptable or we need some more improvements.

    thanks & regards.

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    Re: Way of working for CMMI deployment

    53 people visited, so strange of this post but no one has any comments..huh, whats wrong with this post

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    Re: Way of working for CMMI deployment

    [ QUOTE ]
    53 people visited, so strange of this post but no one has any comments..huh, whats wrong with this post

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Maybe not enough information to comment on, but I'll try.

    I will coordinate the effort for CMMI level 3 compliance where I work, so I would need more info in order to say something:

    - You want to implement CMMI... why? who have chosen the process areas. It seems that you're targeting level 3
    - which is your current status? where are you standing? Did you have any prior assessment of any kind?
    - how mature really is your organization?
    - do you have real commitment from management?
    - do you have knowledge about CMMI process areas? Formal trainings on CMMI or experience in this.
    - Are you planning to use external resources, consultants,...?
    - Whis is the time frame you target?
    Don't worry, be Happy!



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