We are starting Scrum teams here, and one question came up during some discussion on how to start implementing the teams. When working on projects and finally getting to the "product worthy code" we need to polish up the work. In reviewing Schwaber's book Agile Project Management With Scrum, he states to handle this at the end of each sprint. Now as our sprints are being tailored to stories what I see is that we have two to handle, one for the individual story and one for the system integration.

As we have documentation that should be continually made, this makes some sense to me. However, as we also have a UI to worry about there is some discussion as to when to do the documentation and polish on the UI.

To me we have UI work that is being done as a story, so it should be documented there, and then pulled together at the end when system integration happens. I'd expect it to evolve as the work gets done on the code, and is changed or modified during the story development. So we may start with one thing, but end up with another, but as we have it documented it should not be as much of an issues.

Any thoughts or similar experience out there?


- M