Hi all,

What Process Area of CMMI covers the establishment of Statement of Work for the project?

Statement of Work as a work product is mentioned in Supplier Agreement Management Process Area - SP 1.3 Establish Supplier Agreements

But Introductory Notes of SAM clearly indicates that this Process Area is applicable for acquisition of products or product components related to project or sometimes may not be related to the project. The clear text is below:

“This process area primarily applies to the acquisition of products and

product components that are delivered to the project’s customer. To

minimize risks to the project, this process area may also be applied to

the acquisition of significant products and product components not

delivered to the project’s customer (for example, development tools and

test environments). [PA166.N105]”

But my concern is that this addresses the suppliers for the organisation; but not the Organisation as the supplier.

Or does the SOW is addressed by the Requirements Development Process Area in any way?

Please clarify.