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Thread: Quality Metrics

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    Quality Metrics

    Can somebody please explain me what could consist of quality metrics and provide some details with examples.

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    Re: Quality Metrics

    There are hundreds of differnt metrics. Advanced search will provide a few of them for you.

    First determine what you want to measure. How will the metric be used. Easy to capture data will help too. Good luck

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    Re: Quality Metrics

    Look at "Software Metrics" by Robert Grady and Deborah Caswell. It is one of the early and definitive books on metrics for software (development and testing). It is a bit dated (1987), but is still very valid.

    It can be a bit dry to read, but it has a lot of good information. The majority of Test Management tools (Test Execution and Defect Tracking) have implemented the metrics and graphs from it. Merant/PVCS Tracker (originally Defect Control System) is modeled after it. The guys who originally built it were ex-HP people and lived the metrics program the book is based on. So still pretty valid.

    Good luck.

    For all the general stuff to know about QA/Test go here http://www.softwareqatest.com/



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