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    QA Templates / Software

    Hi Guys,

    I have very good experience in implementing Quality Management System in different types of manufacturing and service industries that includes Engineering, Chemicals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals...etc. But now I am working to implement ISO 9000 system in one of the our group companies which deals in designing Soft wares and wireless technology.

    I am taking a reference of IEEE 730 guidelines to implement system I do not have any IT background but I can understand standard requirements. I am just wondering is any software available which have all templates for SRS,SDD,SCMP,SQAP,SDP, etc..etc.. and also helps to maintain change control, version control, ?

    I can see all of you are working in IT industries and working with ISO certified companies hope for good suggestions / advise fro you guys.

    Is any one of you here from New Zealand? I'm in NZ.

    Niraj Dave.

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    Re: QA Templates / Software


    I have heard of Quality Toolkit which is used to manage Quality system. This may have the templates you look for.
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    Re: QA Templates / Software

    If you're working within IEEE guidelines, they have and provide basic templates through their website and publications. Just do a bit of research there, and you should find some documents that can be tailored to your specific environment and processes.

    As for change or version control, I'm not sure if you meant of the documents themselves, or in general, but any Version Control application (CVS, ClearCase, etc) can version documents in the same manner that they do code, if you choose to go that route with versioning of the artifacts of the SDLC also.
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    Re: QA Templates / Software

    Thanks QAGirl but I am just wondering is any software available? like if we start new project it automatic tells like what documents will be required. Controls documents etc.

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    Re: QA Templates / Software

    Does anyone have information on the Testing Maturity Model (TMM) templates that are part of it?



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