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    SDP-21 testing methodology

    hi guys ,
    can anyone explain me what is SDP-21 testing methodology ?

    is there any type of testing methodology like that?
    looking fwd to anyone's replies,

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    Re: SDP-21 testing methodology

    It is an acronym for system development process. I purchased a cd on ebay that was called SDLC Methodologies for $20. PRICELESS INFORMATION. It was filled with forms, presentations, proposals, glossary of terms on the entire project lifecycle.

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    Re: SDP-21 testing methodology

    SDP = system development process. So far OK, but from where the 21?
    Kind regards,
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    Re: SDP-21 testing methodology

    SDP = System Delivery Process and is General Motors version of you-name-it-methodology to get product out the door.

    The "21", I don't know. Perhaps 1 through 20 resulted in too many vehicle recalls. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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