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    Quality Assurance Management Plan


    I have just changed my profile from Software engineer to Quality Engineer. My organisation has to go in for ISO certification .I have to make Project Management Plan for Quality activities wherein I have to set my own schedule and milestones. I have to cover all the activities from defining processes to meeting team leads to get the implementation done for required Processes and documents.

    Can somebody please provide me with sample Project Plan or give me links where I can get more information on this.

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    Re: Quality Assurance Management Plan

    There is a cd I bought on ebay for $20, it was titled SDLC Methodologies. It had 45 documents from presentation, forms, templates, proposals, visio flow charts, etc. etc. It had everything I needed for the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). It would have taken months to create.

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    Re: Quality Assurance Management Plan

    Are there more of those CD's around? Please, give more information on where to get hold of one if it is still there.

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    Re: Quality Assurance Management Plan

    Hate to say it but getting a CD on EBAY is not the best way to go about getting ISO certification.
    I'd recommend reading through these forums, interacting with QA professionals and draft your own project plan based on the needs at your company.
    Only once you have done this, would it be wise to start digging around for a template. It's better to author your own policies than try to match your company to some solution out of the box.
    QA Montréal

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    Re: Quality Assurance Management Plan

    I just bought a book called ISO 9001:2000 for small businesses (Ray Tricker). It includes an email address for getting hold of an example Quality Management System in either word or .rtf format. The book seems a good guide to the process of getting certification. The QMS examples would give you a start to producing quality manuals etc but would need quite a lot of modification for use in software development.



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