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    Advantages of Software quality assurance

    I am looking for some kind of statistics that shows so and so company used SQA and saved x amount of money and y amount of time..

    I could not find anywhere online..

    Can anyone help me out...


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    Re: Advantages of Software quality assurance

    This is a hard one. Unless you have two software shops developing the same app, one without SQA and the other with, I'm not sure where you will find these types of numbers.

    I don't think you can say that adding SQA to the development cycle will save time and money DURING DEVELOPMENT. But, I think it is safe to say that during the entire lifetime of the app, time and money is saved when considering support, bug fixes, effort for new releases, etc, if you build in SQA up front versus at the back end.

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    Re: Advantages of Software quality assurance


    I don't think so you will be able to get such kind of statistics. A solution can be you can have estimates made by you and pass for review on the board and get their view.
    I agree to the statement mentioned in the message above on including the SQA to the development cycle. Actually, it will make lot of difference if you include a SQA cycle from the beginning of the software cycle.

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    Re: Advantages of Software quality assurance

    Hi, I found an interesting statistics about "reveiws and inspections" has helped. Reveiws and inspections are one of the SQA activity right.. so I am using that statistics.

    thanks a lot guys,

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    Re: Advantages of Software quality assurance

    Interesting, but I have read the topic on Six Sigma and did some research on its strategy and values. It might add to your analysis in measuring QA resource allocations and process quality and its output vs cost etc...

    Check out this link:

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    Re: Advantages of Software quality assurance

    You can do searches for ROI on software testing and automation (numerous, but how accurate and useful is open to debate) as a starting point.

    I agree with other people, SQA is a process that needs to be introduced early in the SLC (Software Life Cycle, not SDLC) and carried all the way through (cradle to grave) for an application/system. The costs of initial creation (specs. to dev. to testing to implmentation) and maintenance (additional cycles of what was mentioned before) need to be monitored and analyzed.

    Finally, do not look at SQA as "Cost Savings" (which means reduction or elimination of cost) but as "Cost Containment" (reduce the waste and leakage, and funnel it back into the overall process to be used more efficiently). SQA is a way of reducing risk (to the company and users) and thus containing & managing the risks contains the associated costs (time, money, and people). This has affect on the other "money" factors for a company; like P&L, EBIDTA, etc.

    Good luck.

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