1. What activities do a team member (developer/tester) in a CMM level 5 team do that
a peer in a CMM level 2 (or 3) team does not do?

2. What activities do the team do that a Level 2 (or 3) team do not do? (On a higher

3. Is CMM assessment applicable to software projects only?

4. Is CMM assessment done at a center-level or project level? i.e is it possible for the
same center to have one project operating at Level 5 and another at Level 3?

5. Which CMM Level would ISO 9001:2000 correspond to (roughly)?

Questions for anyone who was associated with a company before and after CMM level 5 certification:

1. Noticed anything different as a result of achieving Level 5 in terms of
- Quality of Software
- Adherence to Schedule
- Project documentation
- Software development process
- Quality Assurance process
- Metrics collected from the project
- Use of these Metrics
- Anything else

2. Once we have a PRS (Requirements spec) written down, how do we ensure that all the requirements stated in the PRS/SRS are tested? Any tools that can be used for this purpose?