Hello experts and gru's of QA, I am working on a Data Warehousing project and I would like your input on how should approach testing, this project has some front-end Business objects like reporting etc... and a huge back-end process for converting data from different source feeds to Oracle database, my delima is should i just write Test plan for overall project and then write test cases or should i write sepeate test plan for Business objects and back-end process aand also write seperatetest plan for performance testing for front-end and seperate for back-end, also, if if you can tell me is there industry standard for the contents of Test Plan, if some can tell me the details of should go in a test plan, and a industry standard document that talks about the Software Quality Assurance approach. Also do you think I should write Seperate Documents for BO and Back-end Test apprach, or it should be just a part of Test plan, please backup your comments with industry standard document.
Thanks for all your help

Neil Chaudhry