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First, let me appreciate to view my query and I hope some contribution Will be made who are viewing this.
Our company is involved in continuos improvement as we are into CMM level 5. I got an assignment to complete a delivery plan for USER INTERFACE Testing which consists of following sections.
I roughly mentioned few points for each and every section.
Contributions for each sections and also any additional information will be highly appreciated.

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1.1Service Description(Defination):

Process to validate the User Interaction with the Application/Product.
Validations check whether the application/product accurately reflects customer standards and/or industry standards and interactions
A user interface is an interface that enables information to be passed between a human user and hardware or software components of a computer system. [IEEE, Std 610.12-1990]

1.2Process Flow: GUI standards/satyam standards, people addressing, multilingual,, user manuals, flow chart-testplans, testcases, bug reporting, test evaluation, user friendly error massages etc.

1.3 Sub Process Flow: screen resolutions, compatibility testing, software, hardware settings.

1.4 Templates, Documents, Tools: checklist, automated tools like winrunner, silk, rational robot, QARUN etc.;

1.5 Measures: 25 controls/hr, schedules, number of defects tracked, for every one master 3 child records, no. of screens, how fast the system.

1.6 Targets: 25% over the measure i.e. 40 controls/hr

1.7 Improvement Plan: Training, knowledge sharing, usage of tools

1.8 Support Requirements: Hardware, software, networks, databases, browser’s, drivers viz. odbc, jdbc, Secure socket layers, tools licenses,
Internet, bandwidth, free disk space, RAM, pantry, testing lab
Other supports viz. Domain experts in immigration, finance. HR, corporate services, coordinator, transport, documents, snacks etc.;

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