I have just seen an advert in comp.software.testing for a PRINCE2-compliant bug tracking product. (In fact it claims to be the world's only PRINCE2-compliant issue tracker). Interesting, I thought, so I checked it out.

What is confusing me, as someone who has spent 4 years in a PRINCE2 compliant shop, is how a methodology like PRINCE2 can spawn a product which is all about process. I need to check my PRINCE2 manual when I get home, but I don't recall anything in it which says what the process should be for bug/issue/change tracking (or Off-specifications, as they are called), apart from defining what roles should be involved and when they should be managed - not how. So, how can the software be PRINCE2-compliant?

Made me wonder what an ISO-compliant, or a CMM-compliant, or pick.a.methodology-compliant piece of process software would be like.

Perhaps I should get an evaluation copy and investigate further.