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    Process Software Testing in agile development

    I am publishing daily the whole process of analysis and implementation process of Software Testing in Agile development.
    Will be made in detail, based on a scenario already proposed, where I describe how the development process scrum (no details).
    Within this scenario is possible to have an industry-aligned tests, with well-defined tasks and stages of testing, and documentation and applications that help a lot in the development cycle / test (in portuguese)



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    Re: Process Software Testing in agile development

    In this blog, I added a translation tool "google translator", facilitating the sharing of information in all languages

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    Good thing you have written,Basically its more like a knowledge that can help us with doing better.In a good way its all needs to go on to another level.
    If there is a way of getting better surely a good outcome will be there,Discussing it is helpful.



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