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    Test Management Tool - benefits

    Hi All,
    In order to make some managers to agree with me, I need to show them a short presentation regarding "Why do we need a Test Management Tool".
    I'm sure there are some ready slides/docs and I would like to see some before I'm starting.
    If any of you have some files/linkes that may help me, i would be thankfull.
    have a nice day.

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    Re: Test Management Tool - benefits

    One short answer to TestManagement is

    "To manager your test by using Testmanagment tool" like

    1) Requirements
    2) Traceable
    3) log the defects
    4) execution
    5) get the results


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    Re: Test Management Tool - benefits

    HI Neta,

    From my experience there are 2 main benefits you get from a Test Management System:

    From the point of view of the team, the system will allow you to organize your work and make sure everyone is working on the right tests all the time. How do you do this? By organizing your tests and making sure your coverage is organize and distributed between the team members. You can also see that all the relevant tests and been run, and that no tests are been run twice or tree times unnecessarily by different team members.

    From the point of view of your management, a QA or Test Management tool will help make sense of the information, in order to make more accurate decisions based on the findings of your tests. Is the version converging or diverging? What is the coverage status or percentage? What risky areas have been tested or which ones still need to be tested? etc.

    There are other advantages, like proper documentation, more stable process, ways of maintaining the information in the organization even if the staff changes, etc But I believe these are by-products.

    Hope this info helps!
    9 times out 10, less is actually more

    PractiTest - QA and Test Management Tool
    QABlog - QA Intelligence Blog

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    Re: Test Management Tool - benefits

    From the QA Management prospective, it's a way to demonstrate where the team is actually stands on, who/ what are those resources, status of the work items, also bug/ issue/ work-item/status/ resources-burn & various reports makes the gear running smooth.
    - Sophneel



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