ATP PhotoFinder | Uncrate
"Ever find yourself wishing your digicam had a geotagging feature? The ATP PhotoFinder ($90) fills in the gap by adding the necessary tags to your photos. Simply turn the PhotoFinder on while you're shooting, then insert your memory card into the device when you're finished."

ThinkGeek :: Phantom Keystroker
"With the advent of the incessantly beeping and easily concealable Annoy-a-tron, ThinkGeek has ushered in a new era of sophisticated office pranks sure to drive your co-workers bonkers while you snicker silently at your desk. "

ThinkGeek :: Star Trek Classic Communicator
"Captain Kirk is known for many things; one thing is being prepared for anything. Whenever Captain Kirk left the Enterprise, there were always three things he made sure he was equipped with. "