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Thread: Bias CTO......

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    Bias CTO......

    All - I need some help/guidance. I recently received my review and I scored a 3 - not bad meeting all requirements and exceeding on some. I felt of course that I was a 4 as I led 2 major projects for my Manager that he uses on all his presentations for work done last year and the President has also communicated the completetion of these projects. I also got a bonus which was good, but here's the snag - about 2 yrs ago the company I worked for was bought by a bigger company - so we all merged into 1 company and are meant to be one big happy family. My Manager is from the company that bought us out - a few days ago I came to work and found some paperwork sitting on my desk illustrating some of my peers review rating their raises and bonuses - to my surprise each of my peers from the company that bought us out 2 years ago got double and even triple what my bonus was and got better ratings. All my peers from my original company got the same bonus - our Manager seems to have a double standard even though we all perform the same work - I'm tried of breaking my back and seeing my colleagues break their backs to try and impress our manager when we're always going to be held to a differernt measuing stick to those that came from his company - what can I do? Should I go to HR? My Manager reports to the President of the company - should I go to him? Obviously someone in the company feels that I should know that we are being held to a different standard to leave the paperwork on my chair.

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    Re: Bias CTO......

    Who put the paperwork on your desk?

    If you hadn't seen the paperwork on your desk, would you still feel as dissatisfied as you seem?

    Obviously, you *could* go to HR, but what would you ask then to do, and how do you think that would help?
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Bias CTO......

    I don't know who put the paperwork on my desk - the note said - 'It still seems you folks from #### will always be held to a different standard by ####'
    I thought all was fine until I saw the paperwork and was willing to accept my review and bonus, but since seeing that my peers from the company that bought us 2 yrs ago got better reviews and more bonus for doing the same job I feel a little gutted to say the least.

    HR - I don't know - I suppose make them aware that I know we're being held to a different standard. I'm just trying to make sense of this, my boss is always talking a combined company and everyone gets treated the same, but it's very obvious that we're not.

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    Re: Bias CTO......

    Mergers and acquisitions are always tricky situations. No matter how hard folks try, there are always winners and losers.

    That said, if you were happy with your review and bonus before you saw that mysterious paperwork, you should be happy now. It's still the same review, and still the same bonus.

    I try very hard never to compare myself to others - as long as their compensation doesn't impact mine. I expect to be rewarded for what I do. What others get is their business, and shouldn't impact me.

    Making HR know that "you are aware" isn't very likely to produce anything useful to you, and could quite easily backfire. In most shops, HR knows about ALL reviews and bonuses, so you most probably wouldn't be telling them anything they don't already know. And going over your bosses head to the President is very risky.

    Try to step back from your immediate feelings if you can, and assess the situation:
    - did you get a review and bonus that was fair relative to the work you did?
    - is the company going in a direction that makes you want to stay or leave?
    - what are your options here? Are you in a position to leave if you are unhappy?
    - is your boss likely to be in this position for a long time? Or, is he more likely to be replaced before too long?

    Good luck. Try not to get discouraged. Try to concentrate on your own, individual situation, and not get caught up in what others do or do not get.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Bias CTO......

    Thanks Joe for the advise!

    I guess I'm feeling a little bitter - A few months back we laid off about 40 colleagues and 35 were from my former side, this was the second such layoff in 18 months. It just seems like they're trying to push us aside. I'm at the point today that I may try to confront my boss and see what he has to say - just so I can tell myself that I stood up for what I felt was right and maybe he may re-think this for the future - I know I'm probable going to be the sacrificial lamb, but this guy needs to be pointed out - it other parts of the company people are treated fairly.

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    Re: Bias CTO......

    Joe, I tend to disagree with you. It's all about the money! When everything comes down to the barest reasons there is no need to work if you do not get remunerations from it. Oh some would work for nothing just to be occupied, but it takes money to provide for yourself and your family. Why not have some pride and speak up? There seems to be something wrong here. It could be that there is an ongoing process to bring the other employees up to the standard of the original ones, maybe not. We do not have the other side of the story. But the point remains, that Jesparza feels s/he has been wronged, and nothing is going to change that, no matter what the explanation is, s/he will never be as happy as s/he once was, not at that company and not in this lifetime. To tell someone to forgive and forget is easy, to actually do it yourself is extremely difficult. Often the truth when told is much worse than a lie, the truth can not be corrected. I have a similar issue where I work, the unfortunate part is that I do not feel up to finding a new job at my age. But if it gets worse, I will.
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    Re: Bias CTO......

    jesparza, something else I will throw out here, just because it's in the realm of possibility: could the document on your desk be a fake? This would be devious of someone, but if your reaction is not a cool one the perpetrator may get what they wanted...

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    Re: Bias CTO......

    Originally posted by Rich W.:
    Joe, I tend to disagree with you. It's all about the money! When everything comes down to the barest reasons there is no need to work if you do not get remunerations from it.
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">I agree!
    I don't think I ever said otherwise!

    What I read here was a person who was reasonably happy with his review and raise.
    Then, he happened to read a memo and became unhappy.
    His compensation hadn't changed - only his feelings about it!

    To me, how others are compensated has virtually nothing to do with me.

    If I make what I think I should make, and others make less, I don't feel better about myself.

    If I make what I think I should make, and others make more, I don't feel worse about myself.

    The only exception to this is when additional compensation for others yields less compensation for me.

    Perhaps confronting the boss or HR or the CEO will change the feelings. Perhaps not.
    Perhaps the compensation will be changed. Perhaps not.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Bias CTO......


    I am not sure what part of the world you are from - I am in the US and my answer reflects what I would do here.
    I doubt that you can do anything about the "favoritism" this can happen in situations like this and basically unless you have hard evidence of discrimination (what you have is not that as your Manager can probably explain it to HRs satisfaction) you have a choice of putting up with it or finding a new job.

    However if this happened recently what you could do is go to HR and report the fact that someone left documents on your desk which you should not have access to and probably which the person who left them should not have access to.

    The person who did this is inciting trouble and I think that you would be better off reporting it and appearing to be a "happy" employee. This way you can work things out in your own time.

    Of course your boss may get into trouble for keeping the information where someone could access it.

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    Re: Bias CTO......

    I'm at the point today that I may try to confront my boss and see what he has to say
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">I wouldn't do that unless you are prepared to be walked out the door within minutes of the meeting.

    I agree with Lynne's approach - report the fact that the document was left on your desk to HR and you likely shouldn't have it.

    Then go about doing your job to the best of your ability.

    If you still feel wronged, when you get home tonight - take a deep breath, and start updating the resume.


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