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    Web as a hiring tool

    When interviewing for my current position, I encountered something that I wonder if it's more prevalent than I am aware of. And if it's not prevalent, why not.

    I was interviewed by a gazillion different people, but in the one with the man who was to end up being my boss, he said "I looked you up on the web and noticed you're listed as the Tampa Bay Mentor for the Daily Telegraph. How did that come about?" I was thrown totally off guard for a split second, but being essentially a narcissistic BS artist, I quickly recovered and warmly and proudly explained the story.

    So - you out there - have you ever Googled someone coming in for interview? Has anyone (that you know of) done that about you when you interviewed?

    P.S. Please feel free - my ID is my name, as most of you know. If you filter out the ones from Australia (I am NOT Dr. Peter Ruscoe), many of the remaining entries, ecelctic though they are, refer to yours truly.

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    I have been "google"ing my interviewers. It has given me some tools to manage the interview.

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    q-pul .. thanks for the detailed insite. What are these tools that it has given you ... and did you mean interviewee?

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    Details... you don't need no stinking details..
    Did you do a search?

    Ok... Ok, when I am up for a job I google the person I am going to interview with. In one case I learned the ‘future boss’ was into classic cars and that we had worked in different divisions of the same company. I went into the interview with a topic for small talk and a reference point to discuss my technical background. In another case I learned the “boss” was on the alumni board of the school I attended.

    You can rapidly learn if the “boss” is a “manager” or has focused their career in the QA world.

    I guess you could use zabasearch to look up your candidates. From my understanding you will need to do that for all candidates or someone could take offense at who you did/didn’t select for a background check.

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    I've Googled interviewers and interviewees...

    It's one of the reasons I got my personal web pages out of the search engines. There used to be a time when my personal bio, a work in progress, could be found. All past stories, but I got an e-mail from a relative that simply said, "I read your bio and now I know you're insane." I never heard from her again. I Googled her name and found out she's in law enforcement. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] Yikes...

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    Yikes, I googled myself and learned the National Retail Federation membership listing has been copied to several "less than flattering" web pages.

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    I always Google the shortlist of candidates...a couple of people I have chosen not to interview based on what I have found..you don't usually find out work related stuff but often a persons freakish hobbies come through loud and clear. I try not to employ anyone weirder than me.

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    How would you know it's not someone else with the same name? I Googled myself and came up with nothing. Would this count for or against me?

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    Re: Web as a hiring tool

    I did myself and got over 3 Thousnd hits! Most were for the Composer, I have nothing to do with Rhine Journeys or Valkyries, although I here they were HOT!!
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