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    And now for the QA News....

    From "Odd News" in Netscape:

    Red faces over travel warning

    CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australian diplomats were left red-faced Thursday after mistakenly warning that the world's most isolated city, laid-back Perth in Western Australia, "is dangerous at this time of year."

    The warning was sent in a test email to media, travel agencies and subscribers to the Australian government's travel warning service, which warns of the dangers of travel to places like Baghdad and East Timor.

    "This is a message to let you know that Perth is dangerous at this time of year. XXX," the email said.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs Web Site manager, Alan Walsh, apologized for the email, which he said was sent by an external contractor who was testing a new email system.

    Eyewitness Travel Guides describe the capital of Western Australia as the world's most isolated city, closer to South East Asia than to other Australian state capitals.

    The Rough Guide to Australia says Perth's 1.3 million people enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in a city which lacks charisma but has a reputation for sunshine and low urban crime.

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    Re: And now for the QA News....


    Perth is great, better than Canberra we regard this place as the most boring in the country. Even people from Melbourne think Canberra is boring ( see if I get any bites on that one !).

    At least you are sure the system works now. If a head line happens then everyone is getting the message. Been on a few projects that have got unwanted headlines like this. Yet to directly cause one yet, but every new day is a new opportunity.
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    Re: And now for the QA News....

    A bit like the banking letter clanger.
    Automated letters (in snail mail days) were to be sent to everyone with an account balance over a certain amount, advertising services for the wealthy. The developer tested using the text "Dear Rich Git,...."
    Yes, it slipped into production that way!



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