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Thread: Wireless!

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    So what wireless routers are people using?

    A, B, G?

    LinkSys, Belkin, D-Link?

    Thanks! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    Jordan Gottlieb
    Senior Consultant, Orasi Software
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    Re: Wireless!

    linksys g works great around the house
    But in the end doesn't it all come down to BEER? Beer is the ultimate answer to all questions in the universe so yes the answer to your question is BEER.

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    Re: Wireless!

    I just setup a Linksys G for my brother. It was easy to setup and configure and works great! He has a small house, and gets decent reception throughout.
    Laura Scharp
    SoCalGal - Defender of end user response times!

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    Re: Wireless!

    Belkin G

    Tho I personally prefer the LinkSys. There was a rebate on the Belkin. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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    Re: Wireless!

    I'm debating... there's a rebate on all of them, but the Belkin G is currently $10 after rebate... (Best Buy)... The LinkSys is $50.
    Jordan Gottlieb
    Senior Consultant, Orasi Software
    Twitter: @JG_QA

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    Re: Wireless!

    I prefer the Linksys as I have never had any issues with the kit from them. I have in the past had problems with the Belkin Cards in laptops. At home though i have the Belkin G set up as it was cheaper. I have had no problems in the 3 months it has been in.

    And they were more then $10 [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    Neill McCarthy
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    Re: Wireless!

    I am using Netgear G. Single base in kitchen (centre of house) and a Netgear G adapter on Desktop and MSI G inside laptop (Centrino)

    No problems, although I found taht because the adapter antenna on the desktop is effectively on the exact opposite side of teh PC to the base station signal, it was necessary to boost its reception.

    I used a Netgear antenna and put it on top of the desk's shelf unit. Works perfectly every time now.

    The usability of the Netgear stuff is excellent. (I think)
    "Not every solution was derived to address an obvious problem" - Me (quite recently indeed)

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    Re: Wireless!

    D-Link 54MB ADSL Modem\Wireless Router

    I can browse the net anywhere in the house, shame my notebook just died. I guess after 5 years it had enough of me.
    Robert Tehve

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    Re: Wireless!

    Netgear G here as well - works great.

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    Re: Wireless!

    Linksys. It was so bulletproof after six months of hard use (Multiple VPNs, VoIP devices, Gaming, Server port redirects, etc...) I bought one for my mother's house. It was $30 after rebates.
    James Pulley

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