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    Easter Eggs in software

    Just for the hell of it...does any one know if there is an easter egg in TD8.0?

    I know there is in 7.6, and by doing a similar action I can get the mouse pointer to change suggesting there is something there, but I can't find the last bit of the necessary combination to open it.

    Anyone have any ideas, or know of other Easter Eggs in testing software?



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    Re: Easter Eggs in software

    What's the TD 7.6 Easter Egg?
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    Re: Easter Eggs in software

    That must be an oldie. It doesn't work on TD 7.x

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    Re: Easter Eggs in software

    The 7.6 Egg is a set of pictures of the TD development team (I presume in Israel).

    To open it you go to the project login page move the mouse over the '.' in 7.6 and then press 'Ctrl' & 'Shift' on the keyboard and holding these down click the right hand mouse button...it downloads the easter egg.


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    Re: Easter Eggs in software

    That is so cute. What a crazy & cool idea!
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