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    Performance Tests of Software


    Does anybody know how are made the performance tests? Dows anybody has examples of tools? How are gotten the test cases of this type of test? They are gotten of the Supplementary Specification?


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    Re: Performance Tests of Software

    Ideally one would hope for system specifications that dictate how systems and apps are to perform. For more detail and references, I think you should post your questions and probably get more help in the Performance Testing forum.

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    Re: Performance Tests of Software


    It really is a specialist area. The concept of performance measurement is reasonably simple, but the tools and the knowledge to do it are far more complex and require virtually programming/architect understanding of a system to understand properly. I have meet many people who know how to use the tools but don't understand how to interpret the results or how to go about telling the designers/programmers what they might need to do.

    With regards to the test cases, like any form of testing it must be based on some documented rationale of what is expected (as jpensyl pointed out). On many projects I find it frustrating that they want performance testing done, but they can't even provide the simplest usage profile of an application. To write a performance test case you must first find out all the usage information like:

    1) How many end users
    2) Any regular batch processes that will occur and the nature of such
    3) System Architecture
    4) Server/Client Hardware specs
    5) Transports being used
    6) Client applications
    7) Volumetric Usage expections (normal and peak)

    Also you will need data like the expected number of transactions/min/hr/whatever and the expected peak.

    My general advice regarding performance testing, is leave it to the experts. Learning how to use Loadrunner (for example) does not make you an expert in performance testing. It is not a hobby area for a board tester.
    Robert Tehve

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    Re: Performance Tests of Software


    I suggest that you read the FAQ in the Performance and Load Test forum, it will help you get a feel of what is involved.

    I you have any other questions, pls post them there as well.
    Roland Stens



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