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    July Birthdays on our QA-Calender :)

    I should have thought of this before. We've got a lot of July birthdays listed on our new calendar feature. Have you put yours up?

    Happy Birthday to all!

    4th LionFred
    8th Alia
    --- JRica
    --- Anto Jerome
    10th Seasaw
    16th Corklad
    19th Avram Whaba
    20th Rave
    25th Digitaldrv
    27th Alejandro
    28th Endless_Max
    --- Matt Sims
    30th Clsiyer
    31st M.Srinivasan

    While the rest of you are posting your birthdays, post that seminar, class, presentation that you've been invited to, or heard about. Even if you don't plan to go, somebody here just might want to.

    If if you didn't get a chance to put your birthday up yet, do it now! And if it's this month, drop by here and tell us to wish you the best. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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    Re: July Birthdays on our QA-Calender :)

    Nope - not me. I somehow put my birthday there erroneously!

    I am an Aquarian!!

    Happy birthday to the July crowd though!!
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