I've noticed I'm making two luser errors on this site. Could be a usability issue, could be simply that I'm a loser. I've listed my errors here and I guess it's kind of a bug report/feature request for AJ, but the severity would be LOW and my suggestion for priority would be REALLY REALLY LOW. I just find it interesting figuring out why you make these errors.

Error 1:
If I have the latest post open and I want to get to the next latest, I always click Next rather than Previous.
Why?: When I look at the list of posts, my eyes go top to bottom. When I go from the latest to the next latest via the list, I consider I am going "next". The previous and next buttons, however, go left and right. I think of "down" as "right" for some reason.
Possible Fix?: Have next arrow go UP and previous arrow go DOWN rather than LEFT and RIGHT.

Error 2:
When I "Hop to" another forum, I select the forum from the list and then sit and wait for a while. Then I remember that I also have to press Go.
Why?: I guess some single select drop down lists do cause an action to occur once you've selected the item. However, having the Go button does make sense - it would be very annoying if you selected the wrong forum and it automatically took you there.
Possible Fix?: Make the Go button more visible; make it somehow more visually apparent that once you've selected the forum you must click Go? (How one would go about doing this, I have no idea).

BTW, Preview Post rocks my world!!!