hello sir..
i was realy diappointed at ur response in the LR forum to the topic which u have initiated..ur reasoning is 100% perfect i agree as moderator u think people r going too far..i admit my flawed reasoning...but i was disapponted at ur findings about me..u said almost 80% of my questions in there violated rules...the first thing i did when i joined this site(Wonderful site)is read all the rules..and i don't visit QAForums too often..i only come when i have some problem or when i have nothing to do...in the second case i just surf the LR forum..u said i have posted same question in different forums and with inadequate description...am sorry to hear but i have never visited any other forum...except WR & QALoad ...and that too only once and never asked question there...u as a moderator can do anything like revoke my posting rights etc...but thanks for giving my one more chance...but i wuld like if u can show me when i have violated the rules...i wuld really appreciate that....

Shammi Sidhu