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Thread: Online Music

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    Online Music

    I have recently discovered live365. I am in heaven!!!!!

    Right now I am listening to Teen Idol Christmas Music.

    The Beatles recorded "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" to the tune of "Help." It is a riot!!!

    Are you allowed to listen to music at work? If so, what stations do you listen to?

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    Re: Online Music

    At this client, no.

    When I am at my home office I tend to have some old sci-fi movie projected onto the whiteboard on the side wall from my direct TV link up. It seems to distract people who come in to see me, but my officemate and I normally don't even notice that it's on.

    It's a running joke - my boss wanders in...

    Boss - "Hey, what are you guys watching?"
    Us - "uhhh - <movie name> I think"
    Boss - "that doesn't look like <movie name>."
    Us - "Oh, well that is what I turned on when I got in this morning."
    Boss - "It's 3pm"
    Us - "Oh, no wonder I'm hungry. We're going to lunch, want us to leave this on for you?"

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    Re: Online Music

    I found the local college station online so that's what I mostly listen to. Will pick from any of the low bandwidth station from shoutcast depending on my mood (gangsta rap when I'm feeling "rebellious", industrial or jazz when I just need noise to distract me from a boring job, classical when I need to concentrate). A co-worker strongly recommended radio paradise (also on shoutcast) but when I was listening to it the other day, it was mostly bland "adult" pop (U2, REM, that sort of thing). She said the playlist changes a bit and it's usually a little more interesting.

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    Re: Online Music

    The only time we really were allowed to have streaming media come in here was after September 11. I was listening to WNEW/WJFK.

    Normally, I have about 2 GB of mp3s on my hard drive and I listen to them through out the day.

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    Re: Online Music

    We're not allowed to keep MP3s on our hard drives or stream radio stations, but a lot of people listen to portable radios through headphones, though we have the occasional mini-disc or cassette tape freak.

    I burned a bunch of CDs from my home MP3 collection (nearly 3,000 now) and brought them to work.

    Currently I'm listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings...in CHORAL form.



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    Re: Online Music

    I have all of my CDs converted to files on my computer. It's MUCH easier to carry a laptop than 400-500 CDs. :-) I'm up to almost 14 gigs of music now.



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    Re: Online Music

    My day begins with a cup of coffee, QAForums, and Jethro Tull. Day after day after day .... then as the day proceeds I move on from classic rock to metal and heavy stuff. But all of this is on my machine. There's so much of it that I dont get time to stream.

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    Re: Online Music

    Loads of mp3s circulate around the office here. I have a choice of some 20 network shares that have every possible music genre from the Gypsy Kings to Mohammed Rafi. I listen to beethoven.com most of the time. Europaplus.ru is another favorite though - helps me pick up some Russian and listen to music at the same time.

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