Tradesman Suck

Is this a universal concept ?

I recently had the Automatic Garage door on my house fail. The connector/disconnector broke. The way the door is set up it can't lock with this broken. I got some rope an secured the door and parked my car on the street.

Trying to get a tradesman to come and fix it was a joke. It happened on a Thursday night and I rang around on a Friday to try to get someone to fix it. Being frustrated, Monday morning I got the part and fixed it myself Monday night (took me 1/2 hour). I finally got call backs from various guys I rang on Tuesday and one even on Wednesday.

One of the guys was also keen to tell me about his $80 call out fee after he also explained he would come around when it suited him.

Part cost $25.

Am I alone in this frustration ?

Robert Tehve