Anyone know was this actual bug was?

(excerpts from the BBC)
"A computer problem at Barclays bank has delayed salaries and other payments and is having widespread repercussions for hundreds of thousands of people. The glitch couldn't have been at a worst time, with the Easter holidays on the horizon, as you told BBC News Online.
The timing of the computer problems is particularly upsetting to customers. Matt Barratt, Barclay's chief executive, was recently given a 40% pay increase.
Grant Grieve from Scotland will no longer be going away this weekend. His vitriol is directed at the computer systems. "There is no excuse for this at all. Barclays spend millions on their IT strategy and they still can't get it right." "

Check for the full story here:

And Barclay's explanation at their site.

Interesting... and ruined a lot of Easter weekends.